ZOOM | Online | Lecture | 13.03.2021

Wolfstieg-Gesellschaft e. V.

Be the Rebellion: STAR WARS and the Masonic Hero’s Journey

RW Bro. Michael Jarzabek,5.30 PM (17.30h Berlin-Time)

A boy stands on Tatooine, staring up at two suns as they travel across the desert sky. He stands on shifting sands, devoid of water, where living things struggle to grow. He dreams of one day flying across that sky in a starship. He dreams of becoming a hero in a cosmic play. Our unlikely hero is not much different than a young Entered Apprentice standing at the door to the lodge. In this talk, I will discuss the parallels between the allegories of Freemasonry and the mythos of the movie Star Wars and illustrate ways that we can apply these timeless lessons to our everyday lives.

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